How To Clean Hardwood Floors

cleaning hardwood floors

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Before we start discussing cleaning hardwood floors first, we need to understand the importance and how floors affect the look of your property.

The floors of your home are essential. They are the support system for your complete house. You begin your day by walking over them every day. Your hardwood floors are what people notices and comment on when you’re hosting a party.

They’re the indication of how you maintain the rest of your home. But hardwood floors are usually ignored, and they deserve a little care.

Tips for Cleaning hardwood floors

Sweep and Vacuum

Sweep and Vacuum

It’s essential for the well-being of your wood floors that they live free of dirt and trash that can damage or scratch the surface of your floors.

You should use a brush or a hardwood floor mop for everyday cleaning. Try to use a wood floor vacuum for weekly cleansing.

Pro-tip: If you only have a regular vacuum, lift the vacuum, and deactivate the brush. This will make sure that the vacuum is only operating by suction.


If you soak your floors, they can become more damaged and start to warp. Ensure that you strain most of the water out of the mop when cleaning so that it is only wet. More densely trafficked areas may require to be cleaned more frequently, once every week or two.

If your floors are properly sealed, you may use a light hardwood floor cleaner, but ensure to understand the product’s directions carefully.

Please avoid using hard cleansers because they will damage the surface of your floors. A spray-and-dry mop is an excellent purchase for hardwood floors because it doesn’t require a bucket and drains fast.

Pro-Tip: Your floors need to be dry quickly, but if you’re trying to speed clean before the guest visit, turn on the fans and air conditioner. You can also wipe the floors with a microfiber cloth.

Find the Best Wood Floor Cleaner

Best Wood Floor Cleaner

Talk to your flooring manufacturer if you’re doubtful about the most suitable hardwood floor cleaner for your house. They can usually suggest a particular cleaner to use for their product.

But if your floor is not new or you can’t ask the manufacturer, choose specially made goods for cleaning wood floors.

Don’t use vinyl or tile floor detergents as these products harm, rather than clean, wood floors.

If you’re concerned about utilizing chemicals, Search for hardwood floor cleaners that are Greenguard Gold certified, which indicates they’re secure to apply in homes with children and pets.

Otherwise, try the natural way with a DIY cleaning solution for your floors.

Revitalize Your Hardwood Floors

You’re going to get marks on your hardwood floors. If you have pets, you can revitalize your floors with some easy steps.

You can use liquid scratch concealers. When these concealers dry, they form a strong seal that won’t come off while cleaning. But make sure to choose a sealer that best suits the finish of your hardwood floors.

If your floors are solid hardwood, you can gently sand them with a low-point piece of sandpaper and then use the new surface.

You can also refurbish your floor’s shine with floor polish, but please understand the directions. It may seem like you’re not adding sufficient polish, but you are. This will help preserve your floor from wear and help fill in some tiny scratches.

You can also use floor wax. Always use floor wax in the way that your floor’s grain already goes in.

Frequency is key

When it comes to maintaining beautiful hardwood floors, regular maintenance is essential.

For everyday cleaning: Sweep, dust or mop.

For weekly cleaning: Vacuum cleaners are best.

For monthly cleaning: Clean floors with wood cleaner. Make sure to follow the directions carefully.

Every three to five years: Apply a new coat of finish.

Follow these helpful and simple steps, and your floors look brand new and attractive.

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Properly cleaning hardwood floors is not easy; it requires time and experience to do it properly. At mirror image cleaning, we have experienced staff that can help you with your hardwood floor cleaning.

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