Best commercial cleaning services in Melbourne

commercial cleaning in Melbourne

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It might be difficult to find the best commercial cleaning in Melbourne. Researching about commercial cleaning services and deciding which one to select is a big decision, and you want to be sure you make the best choice possible.

Mirror Image Cleaning Services understands how essential it is for you and your clients to maintain your workplace clean, and they know how to keep it that way.

As a result, we’re going to provide you with a few tips on how to discover the best commercial cleaning business in Melbourne. Take a look :

1. What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is defined as cleaning done by professional cleaners employed by a business or organisation. They provide customised cleaning services for organisations in a variety of sectors.

Typical cleaning jobs are trash and recycling removal, dusting, bathroom and kitchenette cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and other related activities. 

Commercial carpet cleaning, machine floor cleaning, and window cleaning are examples of more complex services.

2. Reputation and Experience

It will be critical to assess your level of trust in the commercial cleaning business working in your office.

Workers from the cleaning business will be in your facility after you and your employees have gone home. As a result, your cleaning company is responsible for working carefully and professionally with minimum direct supervision.

By asking yourself the following questions, you can determine how much trust you should invest in a potential company.

Years Of Experience: Choose a company with years of expertise and a solid reputation in your service region.

Industries Served: Research the types of industries, buildings, and settings the cleaning has experience servicing.

References: Try to get a reference for people because a reputable cleaning company will be glad to share.

3. Employee Training and Screening

A reputable cleaning business will take the hiring process seriously, only hiring cleaning workers with the greatest level of honesty and thoroughness.

Furthermore, cleaning professionals should give regular and continuous training to their employees to guarantee that the property is not damaged and that the most significant cleanliness levels are achieved.

As you are searching through possible providers, be sure to ask about their training policies. You will want to know all about:

Employee Training – Select a cleaning company that gives training to their employees since this enhances professionalism, safety, and service quality.

Employee Screening – Inquire about the scorning they employ when recruiting new cleaning professionals; enquire about their history, criminal histories, and so on.

Regularity – will your business site be serviced by the same staff every day, or will they rotate? As you can expect, a business with a low turnover rate will always give more consistent service.

4. Do they have a cleaning checklist?

It is good practice to ask for a commercial cleaning company for the checklist. The checklist depends upon what type of cleaning you are doing. Following are some of the checklists:

Checklist for office bathroom cleaning services

  • Sweep and mop floors with approved germicidal detergent solutions
  • Webs should be removed.
  • All mirrors, bookcases, and other surfaces should be cleaned and polished.
  • Vanity should be cleaned and disinfected, and chrome should be polished.
  • Clean and disinfect commodes and urinals with approved germicidal detergent solutions.
  • Partitions, tile walls, dispensers, and doors should all be cleaned.
  • Towel receptacles should be empty and clean.
  • Remove waste paper, and other refuse for sanitation collection.
  • Replenish toilet tissue, soap, and towel dispensers

General commercial cleaning services

  • Windowsills and blinds that are dust-accessible
  • Dust all accessible places using a high/low setting.
  • Light switches, doorknobs, frames, and doors should all be cleaned.
  • All carpeted surfaces should be vacuumed.
  • Dust or wipe wall hangings per specifications
  • Vacuum or brush sofa and chairs per specifications
  • Vacuum or brush the sofa and chairs according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Mop hardwood floors, including stairs
  • Dust all cleared surfaces, including desks, file cabinets, and other flat surfaces
  • Vacuum or brush desk cloth chairs as needed, wiping arms/edges and dusting chair bases
  • Cleaning all of the office’s glass surfaces
  • Waste products should be removed for sanitation pickup

5. What Other Services Can They Provide?

Ask what additional services they can give and whether they offer specialised services, apart from essential services like garbage disposal, vacuuming, and dusting.

Depending on your company’s demands, you might choose to engage with a commercial cleaning company like Mirror Image Cleaning Services that offers additional services like:

Mirror Image Cleaning – Your Trusted commercial cleaning in Melbourne

The best approach to guarantee you receive the quality results you desire is to choose an experienced and professional commercial cleaning services business.

Mirror Image Cleaning Services is a cleaning company that specialises in commercial cleaning.

We deliver services in many industries and settings such as office buildings, window cleaning, steam cleaning, building cleaning and much more. 

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