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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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In terms of Commercial kitchen cleaning, we are specialists. We can offer specialised kitchen extract and cleaning for huge restaurant chains and smaller neighbourhood eateries, restaurants, pubs, schools, care facilities, hotels, and other commercial food preparation areas around the nation.

Our Commercial kitchen cleaning crews have experience working in various culinary settings, including fast food restaurants, independent eateries, high-end chains, hotels, care facilities, schools, and colleges.

We get top outcomes consistently while providing value for money and dependable, honest service, which is why our client retention rate is excellent. Your kitchen may be made to meet even the highest standards with the help of our skilled deep cleaning services.

Why Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is important?

Improving Work Conditions

Importance of kitchen cleaning

Having a clean kitchen means improving the work condition for the staff and chefs. Thorough and deep cleaning provides a healthier work environment for kitchen staff and helps maintain food hygiene.

Hiring mirror cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia, means hiring professionals for cleaning duty that will keep the place in top working condition.

A deep clean can prevent cross-contamination and the spreading of bacteria. This means that deep cleaning your kitchen will increase the level of hygiene throughout your commercial catering environment and could reduce the number of customer complaints your business receives.

Reduces Food Born Diseases

Food born illnesses are a significant problem for commercial catering environments and can occur if machines used to prepare food, knives, and surfaces are not cleaned nicely.

This is why it is important to have your kitchen deep cleaned regularly as part of your food health and safety procedures because it can stop germs from infecting your food and catering environment.

Kitchen cleaning by experts

Reduced Cost and Risk of Equipment Malfunction

When equipment is consistently cleaned and maintained, the danger of an expensive malfunction is decreased. Equipment that needs to be cleaned often gets clogged with dust, food particles, and other debris, which increases the risk of a breakdown.

It also consumes more electricity and increases the energy bills for the business. Machines that are cleaned often and serviced regularly will run more efficiently and lower utility costs.

Pest Control

Commercial kitchen cleaners assist with pest management, just as thorough cleaning reduces the spread of germs and foodborne illnesses.

Fewer insects and creep will be present in a clean kitchen. With your regional food safety authority, these bugs might get you in hot water.

High standards in commercial cleaning

Working in the commercial food industry involves a commitment to high standards of cleanliness. To keep your kitchens clean for a more extended period, we ensure that they are kept pristine and offer expert extraction system cleaning.

Our staff members who clean commercial kitchens have completed the necessary health, safety, and customer service courses. Our countrywide localised coverage allows us to mobilise our cleans swiftly and effectively. To minimise downtime, we work at your convenience after hours.

kitchen cleaning with efficiency

How do I clean an industrial kitchen effectively?

Ovens sinks, and other kitchen appliances are common in commercial kitchens. These objects need to be cleaned often to keep them sanitary and secure.

By presenting some of the most typical industrial kitchen cleaning jobs, we will describe how to clean a commercial kitchen below.

Oven cleaning

Cleaning a kitchen floor

In crowded industrial kitchens, food and drinks frequently fall to the ground or spill on them. This creates a health risk since workers might easily slide and get hurt.

Maintaining a safe atmosphere and keeping your kitchen flooring in good condition for longer can benefit from routine floor cleaning.


Your refrigerator inside should be scrubbed and sanitised in between each shift and given a thorough cleaning once every week. Fridge hygiene can significantly impact the quality and safety of your food.

How To Clean An Oven

Oven cleaning should involve minimal physical effort with help from powerful commercial cleaning supplies and some handy cleaning tips. Once your oven starts to smoke, it indicates that it requires a good cleaning.

It’s also important to use gloves to protect your skin from the cleaning chemicals and follow the oven manufacturer’s set safety precautions.

Hoods, vents, and exhausts

Your kitchen’s other appliances may suffer due to a blocked cooker hood or ventilation system. It won’t adequately filter out vapour and condensation, causing unsanitary grease accumulations and filth on adjacent surfaces.

Therefore, restaurants without deep-fat fryers are advised to clean their vents and hoods at least once every 90 days. Fast food restaurants or those that often use deep fat grease traps should do a deep clean once every 30 days.

If you want professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaning services, contact 0433 374 400 and learn more about our services. Click here to know about our other services.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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