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When the builders cleaning are finished with their work, one significant job remains-the all-important final clean up. Mirror image cleaning services are ready to take care of the mess, from inside and out. Mirror image cleaning services are available to handle the mess from top to bottom.

 Our skilled builder’s cleaners are well experienced to handle all aspects of the job, from removing little paint splatters to hauling off huge piles of trash. Builder Cleaning been cleaning construction sites and cleaning up after home renovations for over a decade, and we know how to manage any situation.

We clean up anything from the dirt and residue left behind after basic home renovations to major new construction projects – we do it all quickly, thoroughly, and affordably! 

Even basic renovations and repairs may be difficult for most people to complete; cleaning up all of the dust, dirt, smudge marks, and other residues requires the use of professional equipment and experience, which our post-builder cleaning services provide.

For big construction projects, our after builders cleaning crew has the heavy-duty equipment and expertise needed to execute a thorough clean that will leave the property sparkling and ready to use.

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We provide a comprehensive variety of construction services to clear up any sort of mess: we clean interior floors, walls, windows or any other surfaces. We clean driveways and patios and remove any other sludge, rubbish, or waste left around the exterior of a building site.

Our cleaners are equipped with all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment – from scrapers, blades and industrial-strength cleaning solutions to ladders, scissor lifts and wet & dry vacuums. Our skilled and experienced cleaners wear hard hats and high visibility vests, and each is highly trained and comprehensively insured. We work 7 days a week, and all our work is completely guaranteed.

It might range from carpet cleaning to high-rise wall cleaning. It might be completed in a single appointment by a single team. To make things even better, we always send out builders cleaning supervisors to ensure the job is done well with the least amount of trouble.

We work around the clock to meet our business customers’ needs, just because we know how difficult it could be for a business to shut down for a day. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, we are here to help and take it seriously as we know your business depends on it!









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Cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly will include the shower, baths and surrounding areas, removing any paint, grout and dust from any of the bathroom fixtures and fittings.

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Builders cleaning

What is included in a Builders clean?

Builders cleans are probably the most detailed cleans of them all, so every inch of the premises gets cleaned. We clean excess dust, stickers, paint, render, plaster filler and grout. This includes everything in the following, kitchen, bathroom, walls, floors, windows, all fittings, mirrors, doors, appliances, skirting boards, furniture, blinds, wardrobes and cupboards.

This all depends on the size of the build and the condition of the build left behind from the different trades. Painters for example sometime don’t mark up or cover up areas they are working on and that creates more work for us to clean because excess paint has dropped on the floor boards, tiles or even the windows.

Thats not to mention the Plasterers or tilers mess, which takes much needed time off the usual clean. The floor always needs a vacuum and two mops to really help leave it in a dust free condition.

Yes both the interior and exterior windows are given a deep clean, which includes tracks, screens, window frames and ledges.

Yes we understand that construction isn’t always finished on time and time frames my change, depending on any given day with any problems occurring with different trades. So we are available to accommodate with any rescheduled time frame to keep not only our builders happy, but the owner who has been waiting for their build to finish.

If you are not satisfied with our clean, call us right away and we will return the same or next day free of charge to fix it for you.

On a very rare occasion this was to happen, we are fully insured so it would be replaced right away.

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When you schedule your clean with our company, we guarantee that you will be handing over a pristine condition home or building to your client. All your building work will be enhanced and complemented, while the home will look new, clean, and smell fresh.

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