Covid 19 Cleaning

Covid 19 Cleaning

Disease Cleaning

Need a full premises cleaning after a positive case? or just know who to rely on for covid cleaning in case of an eventual outbreak?

Mirror Image Cleaning Services is the one to call. We offer professional and specialised virus and bacterial infection decontamination services in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We service all types of properties and transportation vehicles.

 If you suspect an area is contaminated by an Infectious viral disease, get in touch with us today immediately to reduce further spread of viral agents. We have emergency services 24/7 across Victoria.

COVİD Deep cleaning and Infectious disease cleaning services Melbourne for residential and commercial spaces.

You might want to be prepared if your site becomes infected after an employee or someone you know has shown signs of the infection. Get in touch with us today in order to get a quote for potential cleaning of your site.

The main way any virus spreads from person to person is through contact with respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The droplets may fall directly onto the person’s eyes, nose or mouth if they are in close contact with the infected person.

 Airborne transmission of virus can also occur, with the greatest risk in indoor, crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces. 

A person may also be infected if they touch a surface contaminated with the virus and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes before washing their hands. Research shows that the COVID virus can survive on some surfaces for prolonged periods of time.

Check list of standard precautions for cleaning

  • Where cleaning on or around electrical equipment/ fitting, isolate electrical equipment and turn off power source if possible before cleaning with liquids.
  • Read the label for the detergent or disinfectant and follow the manufactor’s recommendations.
  • Obtain a copy of the Safety Data Sheet for the detergent or disinfectant and become familiar with the contents.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment that is identified on the label and the Safety Data Sheet.
Incident site Risk Assessment

Incident site Risk Assessment

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Post Site Assessment for quality control

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Pre Disinfection


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Infectious Disease cleaning services

We are available to take your call 24 Hours 7 Days a week and conduct cleans any time which is best for you, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call now on 0433 891 974.

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Disinfection Cleaning

What is included in a Disinfection Cleaning?

Yes it definitely will. We don’t just sweep or rub some alcohol all over. We go way beyond and completely disinfect the whole area with proper equipment, supplies, and protocols.

Depending on the size of your premises, because every site or vehicle is different. We will give you a fixed price once you provide us with the squar metering of your premises.

You would be surprised that not to much gets thrown out, because not only do we clean everything in the premises one by one, we also isolate some of your belongings in big sip tied bags and ask that you don’t open them for 14 days.

Other than some items like opened tissue boxes, toilet rolls, bin liners, plastic cutlery ect… We can pretty much kill the viruses on most surfaces, and not have to throw to much of your belongings out.

You will be given the certificate on the completion of the COVID-19 deep clean.

The Covid safe deep cleaning rebate will support small and medium-sized businesses where a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 has been on the premises or work site when they may have been Infectious.

To be eligible for the rebate, businesses must:

  • Operate from a worksite in Victoria where a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 has been on the premises or worksite when they may have been Infectious.
  • Have undertaken a ‘deep clean’ or ‘decontamination clean’ of the affected worksite by a professional cleaning service in accordance with DHHS guidelines on COVID-19 ‘deep cleans’ or ‘decontamination clean’.
  • Have evidence of the expenditure incurred for the cost of the decontamination cleaning at the affected worksite and payment of the business number.
  • Hold a valid Australian business number.
  • Have an annual payroll of less than $3 million in 2019-20 on an ungrouped basis.
  • Be registered with Work safe if employing people.
  • Be registered as a trading business with the responsible federal or state regulator.

No, only businesses that meet the eligibility criteria of this program can access this rebate.

All businesses that fulfill the criteria, regardless of their industry or business type, will be eligible for the rebate.

Businesses can access up to $10,000 per separate event of on-site cleaning. This will be provided as a grant of up to 80 percent of the total cleaning costs.

It takes roughly ten business days to process, from the application being received.

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We are available to take your call 24 Hours 7 Days a week and conduct cleans any time which is best for you, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call now on 0433 374 400

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