Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

We all live busy lives and don’t notice our blocked gutters until it’s too late, at which point we’ll need to call our local plumber for a costly repair. 

Or after a few years, we decide to get out the rusty old ladder to try to save some money by climbing up on what could be the damp roof and end up spending the money on a huge hospital bill after having that unexpected fall.

Well, that could all be avoided with a quick and straightforward call to Mirror image cleaning services; leave it all to the experts who spend more time on roofs than on the ground. 

Once you make the call, say goodbye to ever thinking about your dirty gutters again.

What we offer

We offer to put you on our 6 month or yearly database system and send you a reminder message a week before we are due to come out again. 

We only offer our gutter cleaning service for single-story dwellings; as our safety is number one, we want our staff to experience a low-risk environment wherever possible.

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We service the entire Melbourne area, so give us a call now for a quote on 0433 891 974

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Why should I keep on top of my gutter cleaning?

Yes you can, as it’s very important to keep your house safe from any fires, blockages or flooding especially when working from home. We provide a contactless service where all we require is access to your roof for our ladder.
It can be very unsafe for the average householder to get up on a roof or ladder and clean out their gutters. Especially when they probably do it once every two years and have very little experience working at those heights. We have years of experience and understanding each and every different roof tile, which can be very slippery in different types of weather.
We quote every job visually through satellite photos and provide you with a price the same day you call us. We don’t have set prices as every home is a different size and condition of gutters are never the same. But you are looking at an average of $150
Yes we do, for an extra small fee while we are cleaning your gutters most client ask us to trim back the tress to under the roofs height, or away from their gutters to prevent any damage they could cause if left over grown.

No. Most of the time we access your roof with a ladder, so there’s no need for the householder/business owner to be there while we are working on site. But we always ask if you have any dogs, who might feel threatened by us arriving unexpected and entering your premises.

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Every gutter clean comes with a flush of all downpipes making sure they are operating and flowing in a correct manner. We also provide a visual inspection of your roof pointing out any broken tiles or any roof defects you might not have noticed and provide you with photos of before and after our clean.

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